Refund policy

In the event of deficiency in service, MACHIVA will make all reasonable efforts to rectify the deficiency including rework on the deliverables or change the assistant. If these solutions do not meet Customer's expectations, MACHIVA will refund the unutilized hours or give the option to Customer to use the unutilised hours towards any other support, under the following situations:

  • If MACHIVA has clearly not delivered as per the scope in the work order, or instructions provided in email by the Customer.
  • If Customer is not happy with the relevance of the information to their project.
  • If Customer feels that their assistant does not have the required skills or capabilities to deliver their task, and an alternative assistant assigned is also not satisfactory.
  • If MACHIVA is unable to support the Customer due to unforeseen issues while using any third-party tools involved in project delivery.

No refunds will be made in the following cases:

  • If the engagement is a trial or pilot
  • If the Customer has deviated from the scope
  • If Customer has not provided timely feedback or instructions during the project and later expresses dissatisfaction on the deliverables shared
  • If the dissatisfaction on the deliverables is not expressed within 5 business days post receiving the deliverables
  • If mutually agreed for a rework and or a replacement of the assistant
  • In case of subscription engagement model, if the Customer does not use 100% of the purchased hours within the validity period, refund will not be made for the unused hours. However, if the subscription hours are 40 hours or more per month and the Customer renews the engagement, then MACHIVA will roll over 15% of the monthly hours to the subsequent month.

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