why virtual assistant

Machiva Business Booster

Business Booster

A well trained VA professional can accelerate your business at a high speed.

Machiva Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy

Even when you are outside spending time with family and friends, your VA is still on the clock.

Machiva Cost effective Ninja

Cost effective Ninja

Cost of employing staff can be costly; VA cuts your costs by up to 50% having a direct positive impact on the growth of your Business.

Machiva Time saver

Time saver

Delegate your time consuming tasks to a VA, while you focus on your core activity and increase your productivity.

Machiva Solution Maker

Solution Maker

Our VAs can run your whole gamut from picking up calls to negotiating with your vendors.

Machiva Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero

VA helps you strike a work-life balance without having to leave you burnt out.

About Us

An extra hand can take you an extra mile and we can run that mile together putting 'US' behind 'YOU'. “It’s not about us, MACHIVA is all about you”. if time permits we know you can do it all. But the mundane tasks are eating away into your valuable time and energy. Here we are to liberate you from the clutches of humdrum time consuming tasks. We pledge to walk the talk garnering good reviews for your business, so that you can call the shots. At the end of a triumphant day you can go back home to your family & friends not worrying about your paper works, calls, queries, emails, back logs, social media tasks blogs, video editing, podcasting, etc. At MACHIVA you will witness valuable support from people whom you can rely on and not necessarily meet them face to face every day, which leaves you with your personal space and not “I am on the Facebook and you are in my space” kind of a set-up. We are conscious of the fact that back logs can have an adverse effect on your mind and probably become a hurdle on the path to your success. MACHIVA will pave way and open doors giving you the access to qualified executives who will become your trustworthy virtual assistants. Unlike virtual assistance Robots who say NO to the question “Are You Ready to take Over the World” we will say YES to you and to the world.
Oh Yes! You can’t snarl at a Robot but you can at us.

Machiva who we are
Machiva who we are

Company and Intention

MACHIVA a Virtual Assistant Company, located in Bengaluru was the outcome of an individual’s Idea of lending support to busy Entrepreneurs. The saga goes back to a talented young woman named Ms.Shirley, who by profession was an accountant and a company secretary. Having to handle multitude of tasks single handedly, her duties grew beyond the facet of just preset secretarial capabilities or technical understandings. It wasn’t simple at all. In the midst of facing constant challenges of time consuming tasks over shadowing her core potentials, she realized to the fact that, there was a dire need for Virtual Assistants not just for herself but also for every other busy business entity. With this thought lingering in her mind, she ventured into launching MACHIVA. The company’s further intent is to contribute towards the society by lifting up the underprivileged youth of our country. The Company has strategized training programs on soft skills and personality development which will be executed by qualified executives to train the youth and later absorb them on board. Training programs on cultural differences and practices will also be extended to the youth to bring in the difference to their perceptions across cultures. At the end of the day the agenda is to mobilize, nurture and give our youth the access to skills that will lead to their employment under our qualified executives, where both will work in tandem as a dedicated team towards achieving a common goal.

what we do

We are a “one stop shop” providing “End to End” assistance for all your needs. With no boundaries for the Industries we work for, we are an instant access to any business entrepreneur requiring VA services across any platform at any given point of time.

Machiva Techical Services

Technical Service

As we always think that every industry and job needs an assistant, we help even the tech gig’s out there. We write system languages, fix bugs, test your apps, manage your data, and many more.

Read MoreMachiva Techical Services
Machiva Techical Services

non-Technical Service

Helping you out in the day to day activities from scheduling your car service pick up, setting up business appointments, lead generation, admin tasks, customer support, and many more tailored services as per your business needs.

Read MoreMachiva Non-Techical Services

what client says!

  • George Carpenter
    Founder,Winies, Inc Washington DC

    I had to close my previous business and start a new venture. I heard about MACHIVA from a colleague and wanted to try their services. I started with a few petty tasks and they totally handled it very well. Today they handle my customer Support. My business is growing and MACHIVA has helped me manage my schedule and time really well. Kudos to my VA who put his heart and soul to help me and my business.

  • Tobias Grace
    HR consultant, Denver

    My experience using MACHIVA has been exceptional! I have my I run a HR firm and I am almost occupied all day. I started sharing tasks and my VA’s were never missing their turn around time and communicated every phase while working on the task. A very organized and committed team! I suggest MACHIVA to any start up and small business owners.

  • Mellisa Mandy
    Small Business Owner, California

    My VA is picking up every task and doing it the right way. She is been an asset to my company. Its been two months and I already have so much to share with her and its really saving my time. I am happy and satisfied choosing MACHIVA over other VA companies.

  • Kayla Andre
    Kayla Printers, Canada

    I read about MACHIVA in an article published on a magazine. It said ‘Virtual Assistants are trending and cost saving”. I was really interested and spoke to the business development team from MACHIVA. Today I have three VA’s working for me and my business. It’s been tremendous decision by me and a cost saving resource for my company. My VA’s have taken down the burden and giving me confidence to share more. The previous VA in-house was not as effective as these guys. I will recommend MACHIVA to my other associates and business partners.

  • Roger Wesley
    Owner, Wholistic System

    This has been the best engagement I had with my assistant who created my online store on Shopify. My business started way before I actually planned for. What’s more satisfying is, when you tick off your to-do list quickly. All credit goes to MACHIVA and my rock star Executive Assistant. Highly recommend.

  • Diana Marks
    Founder at Lux Digital Media LLC

    My assistant was a pleasure to work with - great communication, responsiveness, attentive to detail. She closely supervises and works with her team and makes sure all projects are delivered in a timely manner. Will definitely work with MACHIVA again. Overall A+ experience.

  • Beijing Mechanical part suppliers
    Mark J Lavi, Head of Operations

    MACHIVA has supported my marketing and sales team for the last for 3 years. Our business grew consistently. MACHIVA is adaptive, flexible and cost effective. Our team members have never felt they are located remotely. They are an important factor for my company in getting consistent good reviews. They have made a real difference of being partners. MACHIVA has become a team for us which has saved us a lot of time. The time that we could spend on growing my business. MACHIVA has been crucial in scaling our business and will continue to play a vital role in our growth. When starting and growing a business, consider MACHIVA as a partner.

  • Fabrics Printing Company, New York
    Jason McGrath, Founder

    One of my friends referred me to MACHIVA. I am the owner of a fabric printing company. I found it very difficult to manage my backend tasks and market my new fabrics. I must say that hiring an assistant has changed both my professional and personal life. Things are just taken care of once assigned. My business is growing and I am a proud father and a great husband now. Thanks a lot to the team who is consistently helping me and my business.

  • Tiffany Wilkinson, Dallas Texas
    Media Professional

    I am a mother and my son is suffering from Bipolar disorder. He is very unorganized and procrastinating. I hired an assistant for myself and to take care of my son’s to-do list. I was not sure if this was going to work. But I was surprised when I saw his exam results. He was performing well and getting things done. He is now getting internship opportunities locally. I am more than happy, satisfied, and confident that MACHIVA will do wonders. Happy to refer my family and friends.

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